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I used this tincture initially to help me quit coffee, but fell in love with the subtle midday energy boost it gave me, so I continue to add it to my water, often. The flavor is fairly mild and earthy, and easy to drink. I absolutely love this meditation pillow. The dye pattern and color is beautiful — easy to tell it was handmade by a true artisan.

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The seat height is perfect for me to sink into and the buckwheat hull filling feels very grounding and comfortable. It literally lifts your spirits. I was having a particularly tough week a few weeks ago and finally bought this dust. I added 2 tsp into some steamed Oatly and very soon after sipping felt the dark clouds lift around my perception. I want to tell everyone how helpful Spirit Dust can be. This is a beautiful way to wind down at the end of each day. I warm and froth oat or hemp milk and add a rounded teaspoon of TBC and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

But hey, i love her to the depths of my heart. Because that is my nature as a Taurus man. You speak of Taurus men like they are below you. Thats your nature and it will never change. How would you deserve our love? I have registered just to like and comment. Never have I ever read such egotistical filth and arrogance. He was so judgemental and at the end of the day I walked away for good, he drove me crazy.

To this day whenever he sees me he always make a beeline for me and tries his luck. The sex was OK, he thought it was mind blowing…. The main problem was he was too earthy and lacked fineness; I could not have a real intelligent conversation with him without him feeling that I was over intellectualising the conversation and lording it over him. He really was defined by his penis, one day we were walking down the Kings Road, Chelsea London and he had his arm draped around my neck when he decided to grab my breast.

I was mortified and hit him a great big slap around the chops, well this ended up in a huge fight in the middle of the street and I fled in floods of tears. Gemini: Oh boy, what a sign. I have had two relationships with guys who were Gemini and both were fraught with insecurity — on my part and both were musicians.

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  7. They are so interesting and cool but I was not confident enough to handle them. I did not know if I was coming or going but when we were together I was in blissful heaven…it was the bits in between I hated! Nigel was my favourite; one night we all ended up back at his house and he asked me what music would I like him to put on? He just smiled at me and walked away. I am sitting on the floor and he came over and hands me a glass of wine and smiles he was not particularly handsome but he had great skin and was tanned, he was a swimmer and had a body to die for.

    I never knew he even liked me. Nigel, always treated me like I was an annoyance to him but every now and then he would giggle at some joke I said, when, everyone else was staring blankly at me. He could be abrupt and moody and everyone would complain about him being rude and a smartarse who thought he was clever when really he was intellectually up his own bum. Nigel introduce me to Earl Grey with milk added your suppose to have it with lemon in the cup.

    I still drink it to this day! I told him yes! I explained that when Nathan forund out that myself and Nigel were once an item he said exactly the same thing about Nigel. Capricorn: Stephen was my longest relationship…15 years! I have read some comments about Capricorn being in and out of the relationship, kind of like a yo-yo. Well the key to keeping them is to run, run, run…they love the chase and it keeps them on their toes.

    They like their partners to be clever and independent and not too needy. So if you have issues they will eat you alive and be totally ruthless and use you whenever they feel like it…so if this is happening get out of the relationship because they are using you and the just want SEX, which they like a lot. Stephen and I had loads of arguments and he threatened to leave me on a few occasions. Gemini is a master of that.

    My husband Stephen died 4 and half years ago and I miss him so much. I love that about him, live was never boring with him. I have a fascination with Earth signs, I like how steady and dependent they are, unlike my crazy, all over the place, rather insane sign. I often feel like a Roman Candle firework-all going off in a million different directions.

    For this reason I really like steady and dependable men who also are not afraid to be affectionate. As a matter of fact, I welcome it.

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    Either that or I drive guys away because I get too intense. I act like a Leo but I have the personality of a Cancer. Just wish me luck! I am a Taurus woman and have been married to my Leo man for 19 years. Through turbulance and family dramas his folks detest me as they feel he married below his class we are still solid — very solid. I found that the key to keeping him happy is letting him be the centre of attention, letting him think all my good ideas are his. I am successful in my own right — moreso than he is — but I let him take credit for everything and he is happy.

    Leo men make fabulous providers. He would willingly give me the last penny in his pocket and go without to see that I am cared for. If you are happy to give your Leo man the limelight but still share half the load, you will find a very loyal and generous partner who may sometimes seem boneheaded but will provide and protect you forever. I have met this Taurus girl, and I have known her for a couple years now.

    But I already feel that I love this girl. She is patient, mature, and super sweet. Although, she is going through some emotional problems from her past relationship of 8 years. I as a LEO am trying to be supportive and patient with her. I am having a hard time putting myself in her shoes, but I have been in a similar situation just like hers. So I can understand, and I know anyone would need some time to heal and become their normal self again.

    I know she is kinda numb to whole idea of being done wrong by her ex lover. But I find it sometimes discouraging to love someone in that state. I feel this one can really be my soulmate, we get along, we understand one another.

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    Hopefully someone can offer some insight and advice for me starting out. The only issue I have with our relationship is the changing moods. We communicate well, affections are reciprocated, and we feel like kids.

    The Positives

    I may be lucky to get a text that closely resembles how he is in person. I like feeling connected to someone to the point of when we are not around each other I am never feeling uneasiness. Anyone have any ideas on what I need to do? We broke up and he found me again on FB two months ago.

    Aquarius and Taurus Love Compatibility

    We talk for hours on messenger and it as if we have never been apart. He is so heady and loving and very sensitive. I realize that I will have to compromise and not let my bullheadedness take over to make this relationship work. This will trigger his instinct to provide and thus will make him feel so masculine at his core. So from now own workout those receiving muscles. Being a woman in a relationship is a wonderful gift.

    All you have to do is to relax and sit back and watch him display his love and devotion to you. How cool is that? As a woman, there is really nothing to do. Follow Us. Sign in. Expert Blog. Photo: weheartit.