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The Ophiuchus loves to seek change in their life. They hate the mundane routine in their everyday life. These people are happy people who love to have fun. But, they tend to fall into trouble due to their tad too honest.

Ophiuchus people are described as intellectual and clever beings. The Ophiuchus tends to think with their hearts not their minds. These people are intensely passionate. Ophiuchus are very creative and imaginative and love to feed their curiosity. Ophiuchus can be called human magnets.

3 Best Compatibility Matches for Taurus Zodiac Sign

This is because they rank really high in the charisma quotient. These empathic beings can easily pursue people once they turn on their charm along with their knack of persuasion. Ophiuchus is motivated with their sense of justice and can be called a bit eccentric. They are lovers of art and language. As I have already mentioned they are passionate beings for whom the art of lover comes quite naturally. They do not like any kind of restrictions, rules or authority over them. They want to live life on the edge and want to succeed in whatever path they choose. Do not talk senseless, irrelevant things to a Ophiuchus.

They hate it and want detailed information, not trivial bits.

Ophiuchus the 13th sign

They are proud people who tend to be a bit arrogant. So, keep telling them they are the best, the numero Uno and they will eat out of your hands. Never ever treat a Serpentarius zodiac sign as an inferior or subordinate. They love to seek the unknown and gather new wisdom. An Ophiuchan is a bit secretive and tends to take a defensive stand when challenged. They are also not a very popular being on the social circuit due to their arrogance and pride. They can be called the apple of the eye for their parents when young. They are flamboyant beings that shows even in their dress sense.

The Bad Traits. These people have a jealous streak in them. As they tend to get bored with the daily routine, it comes as a no surprise that they find it very hard to have a monogamous relationship. These people think with their heart and therefore tend to get judgmental too soon. They are restless beings as they are forever seeking new wisdom and tend to get a bit irresponsible. Ophiuchus are masters of procrastination and can have violent temper tantrums, that fortunately are short-lived. Although they are humorous beings, they tend to have a sarcastic sense of humor. This makes them a bit unpopular on the social circuit.

These people tend to have only those things around them that they feel are useful. Unfortunately, they apply the same thought when it comes to having friends or relations around them. This was a bit about the Ophiuchus personality traits. I don't know whether change in zodiac signs is a hoax or reality, but they say it is going to be applicable to all those born in or after I don't really believe in the astrological mumbo-jumbo, but I would not like to become a Virgo.

Not that I have anything against Virgo, just that I love being a flamboyant Libra. Hope all you who have suddenly changed into the Serpentarius zodiac sign, have found some answers related to your Serpentarius traits from the above paragraphs. Share This. Ophiuchus Traits. Ophiuchus Horoscope.

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Losing your gold coin collection? No, worse, it's poor health. If you feel listless, lackluster and lumpy, don't worry. These times are made for preparation. Never the first out of the gate, Taurus will always finish the race in better shape than when you started it. Total sexual exertion is good for the body. Sweat out the mucus, dump out the crap and you'll feel like a million bucks. The fastest way to sexual numbness is to become obese. Taurus will not be able to gauge how objectionable and unsexy his or her fat body can be, and needs to be reminded every day.

June 20 - July 20 Nobody ever talks about Gemini sexuality. However, words turn you on in a big way, erotic situations stimulate you, even funny ones! Luckily, you have no inner core of red hot need that makes you act like an idiot, like the others. You're connected to a much higher plane of excitement: Gemini love has a great nobility that sometimes gets lost in the chatter. The colours indigo, black and shades of blue helps to establish harmony and promote love. They are very special in bearing grudges: Ophiuchus will never understand the need for a Virgo to spend extra time on a certain task, especially since a Virgo wants something to be as perfect as possible.

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How do we know the existing system is correct?

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Other days the elusive prey manages to wiggle out of your grasp. Some days, you are a formidable creature, proud, strong and attractive. Other days you are a mangy, tired, smelly beast that could't catch a dead rat.